The Lord is Her Business Partner

The Lord is Her Business Partner
Sister Buyisile Zuma is discovering what it’s like to have Heavenly Father as her business partner!
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Buyisile attends a “Growing & Starting My Business” group in the Self-Reliance Centre in Durban, South Africa.

She’s a 47 year old single mother with 5 children aged between 10 and 26, who are all active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She was born in rural South Africa and was raised as a Catholic. It was through her brother that she found the Gospel and was baptized in 2010.

She earns money for her family by working as a domestic. This however, is not enough so she has started a small business sewing insulated bags which can slow-cook dishes, saving power. She has joined the Self-Reliance Group to grow her business so that she can better provide for her family.



Buyisile can only work on her business after she’s finished her day job, so that often means long hours into the night. She has a very old sewing machine. Recently she got a very good order to produce bags. She was busily sewing when at almost midnight the sewing machine stopped working!

The machine had a toolkit, including a screwdriver, but Buyisile didn’t know how to use them. And at midnight it was not possible to call out a mechanic - which she couldn’t afford anyway, and at that time of night there was no-one else she could turn to. Buyisile remembered what she’d learned on the course and in the My Foundation principles about faith and putting one’s trust in the Lord. 

So she went to the Lord in humble prayer. “ Help me to fix this machine so I can make the order for my customer to collect in the morning ”. With no time to waste and with pure and simple faith she pleaded for guidance…. “ Heavenly Father, help me!” She then had a distinct impression to use the screwdriver and push a particular part of the sewing machine. She had no mechanical experience and didn’t know what she was doing, but listened and acted on the promptings. She then switched the machine on. IT WORKED! She felt so shocked that this miracle had happened, she wanted to shout and tell her family…. but they were all fast asleep. The family shared her story and excitement the following morning. The deadline was met and her customer was happy.
Help me to fix this machine so I can make the order for my
customer to collect in the morning
Heavenly Father, help me!”

Buyisile knows that her business venture will be blessed if she practices what she has learned on the course. She has already seen signs of success and is determined to progress to greater self-reliance.