The Church is Growing in Harare, Zimbabwe

The Church is Growing in Harare, Zimbabwe
The Harare Zimbabwe Marimba Park Stake is growing. On 21 February a new branch was created, the eighth unit in the stake. It is called the Kuwadzana Third Branch. The creation of this branch brings relief to members who were walking long distances to come to the chapel. Although the branch will be attending church at the Kuwadzana chapel , soon they will have their own building to worship in near the areas where they live. There are currently 65 members in the new branch.
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President Stanley Makaza, the stake president, expressed gratitude for the work that members in Kuwadzana are doing, and said more should be done so that the growth will continue. He urged the brethren to do their home teaching and the sisters to continue their visiting teaching.

The president of the new branch is Ephraim Tendaupenyu Gonzo. He joined the LDS Church in January 2012 and was the first member of his family to be baptized. His brother joined the church in April 2012, and was baptized by Ephraim. Ephraim is married to Esther Gonzo. They were sealed in the Johannesburg temple in October 2013. Ephraim has served in the Kuwadzana 1 st Ward as the ward executive secretary and ward clerk. He has been practising all the teachings of self-reliance and owns a preschool, as well as a small shop, while he goes to school. He is studying to be a chartered accountant.
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‘’We will work hard so that by next conference we will be a ward since we have a very big catchment area,’’ said President Gonzo with a big smile. “I know that the priesthood is greater than our callings and that miracles are everywhere as long as the priesthood is well understood and faith is exerted.”

Brother Pedzisai Dimingu is the first counsellor  of the new Kuwadzana third branch. He is married to Yvonne and they have three sons. Pedzisai  joined the church in 1998 and served a mission in the Harare Zimbabwe Mission from 2000-2002. While on mission his family joined the church and they were sealed in Johannesburg temple a month after he finished his mission. He was sealed to his wife and three sons in 2015, and has served as the first counsellor for Mufakose ward, Young Men president in the Harare Zimbabwe stake, high priest group leader and Sunday School president. Brother Dimingu ‘s love for music led him to join the church when he was invited to the church choir by Juliet Makaza before he was LDS. That was the turning point in his life. Brother Dimingu is a farmer, and studied PC Engineering and networking systems. “I know that the Lord uses the simple and the weak to proceed with His work. I know that if we are united we will be blessed. Our families will be strengthened “
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