Temple Construction Timeline

Temple Construction Timeline

In 1973President Spencer W. Kimball in his dedicatory prayer for the land of South Africa said that a temple would be erected there. “We look forward to the day, Our Father, when all the processes might converge to bring a temple to this land, wherein all the youth and the people of this land may have their endowments and the blessings that are available to righteous people.”

April 1, 1981     Plans to construct Johannesburg Temple announced at General Conference. Temple grounds purchased.

April 1, 1981

April 2, 1982    Hearing for “Consent Use” appeal (Local residents did not want to have temple spires or the angel Moroni on the temple.)

April 2, 1982  

May 19, 1982     Temple “Consent Use” appeal was dismissed (Issac Swartzberg argued that the Church only wanted to build a house—“A house of the Lord”). Father in Heaven had approved the site where He wanted His House in South Africa.

May 19, 1982 

Nov 27, 1982   Temple ground breaking

Nov 27, 1982   

May 23, 1983    Bids for the main contract to build sought. Four bids tendered, all over the proposed budget.

May 23, 1983  

June 22, 1983   Approval of bid from Tiber-Bonvec approved by Salt Lake.

June 22, 1983 

July 5, 1983      First work begins.

July 5, 1983 

July 7, 1983      First site meeting

July 7, 1983 

July 14, 1983    First concrete poured.

July 14, 1983 

July 18, 1983    Contract signed.

July 18, 1983 

Sept 27, 1983    Residence for the temple president purchased.

Sept 27, 1983

Sept 29, 1983    Frederick Sage accepted as joinery sub-contractor.

Sept 29, 1983 

Oct 24, 1983     First bricks delivered to site.

Oct 24, 1983 

Jan 21, 1984     All footings in place.

Jan 21, 1984 

Feb 22, 1984     Instruction received to increase seating in ordinance room from 25 to 40 persons.

Feb 22, 1984 

Feb 25, 1984     Pouring of concrete on last of towers completed.

Feb 25, 1984 

March 8, 1984   Ellery Hansen arrives.

March 8, 1984 

May 28, 1984     Commencement of laying the stones for the temple arches.

May 28, 1984

June 16, 1984   Temple arches completed.

June 16, 1984 

Aug 30, 1984    Font arrives and is lowered into font area and all brickwork completed.

Aug 30, 1984 

August 1984     Spire, Angel Moroni & trumpet arrive. Glenn Bray employed as      temple engineer.

August 1984 

Sept 1984          Ellery Hansen and wife Yvonne return home.

Sept 1984 

July 25, 1985    The Temple building is turned over to President Clark and the Temple Operations Department.

July 25, 1985  

July 29, 1985      Open House begins.

July 29, 1985

Aug 9, 1985       Open House ends.

Aug 9, 1985 

Aug 24, 1985     On August 24-25, 1985, President Gordon B. Hinckley, Counselor in First Presidency, dedicates the Johannesburg South Africa Temple. Prior to that time, South African Latter-day Saints had to travel to England or the United States to attend the temple.

Aug 24, 1985 

President Canfield, a former president of the Johannesburg Temple, pointed out that the temple sits on a high point of ground in Johannesburg. It is very prominent, and at night pilots flying into Johannesburg often use its light as a beacon. The temple is indeed a beacon—a beacon symbolizing the good hope the gospel offers to all the people of South Africa.”