She felt she couldn't afford to pay tithing, but she put the Lord's promise to the test
Sometimes it is tempting to stop paying tithing when our financial circumstances worsen  
Protestant minister searches for a church that teaches tithing  
The Lord opened the windows of heaven and poured out blessings on her when she paid her tithing
Wise lessons from a mother passed on to future generations
This couple wondered why everything was going wrong for their family
Despite being poor, they felt they were not exempt from paying tithing
Members share their testimonies of tithing
Even when she didn't have enough money for her expenses, Verlene paid her tithing, and was blessed with miracles
The Lord's way to receive blessings is to help the poor and become self-reliant.  
Greg Burgoyne decided to pay his tithing even though he knew it would take a miracle for him to finish medical school.
Ben needed new school shoes, but where were we going to get the money for them?