Self-reliance has a purpose which is to help us be able to serve. We need to teach that self-reliance is not the end goal but is a means to the goal of service
Suzen spent her life serving and helping others, blessing many lives
Members of the Church, as a people, don’t have to look back far in history to reflect on times when the Latter-day Saints were refugees
While Tarryn waits for her mission call to arrive, she is preparing for her mission, not waiting idly
Members share how they were able to #LIGHTtheWORLD
Some homesick missionaries brought Christmas cheer to an old age home and an orphanage
She loved taking in homeless children and caring for them until they married
Every member is needed, and every member needs an opportunity to serve
The Church provides neonatal training, wheelchairs, vaccinations, clean water and vision treatment
Providing water for two schools in Zimbabwe enabled the school children to be able to grow food
There was a large variety of service projects undertaken in the Africa Southeast Area by over 52000 members of the Church this year
Nomusa used the Church's Employment Program with graduating engineers, and they all found work