Family History

Help move the Lord’s work forward without leaving your home
Family history information collected through oral histories is shared with families in Africa
Through family history, I have gained a love for people whose faces I will never see in this life
In the attic he found a life history which his grandmother had written
FamilySearch is focused on preserving both African oral traditions and records that can help people learn about their ancestors
Just like puzzle pieces, we each belong to something much bigger than ourselves. It’s called a family
He knew he had to work in the temple that day
She stayed alive long enough to pass on the details of 500 ancestors to a young LDS relative
A list of things to do and to avoid when researching your family history
When Mabahlakoana learned about the temple and the work for the dead, she began to do her family history and hasn't stopped yet
Have you made a resolution this year to “do more family history”? Consider to be your personal family history trainer
Write the answer to one question a week to write your life history