Family History Stories

Michelle's grandmother was eagerly waiting for her ordinances to be performed, and was overjoyed when Michelle did them for her
He realised that his wife's ancestors are also his family
In the attic he found a life history which his grandmother had written
She loved taking in homeless children and caring for them until they married
In the night a hand pointed to the correct record sheet
He knew he had to work in the temple that day
She stayed alive long enough to pass on the details of 500 ancestors to a young LDS relative
She placed photos of her ancestors on her mantelpiece, knowing that somehow they would soon be of significance
The temple gave Elder Chatima peace, knowing he would see his family again.
'A number of names of my relatives started going through my mind. It was a long list, but at the end were about six names of those who had gone beyond the veil. That list remained stuck in my mind.'
When Mabahlakoana learned about the temple and the work for the dead, she began to do her family history and hasn't stopped yet
Write the answer to one question a week to write your life history