Conversion Stories

'When I entered the church, I had a feeling that I was home.'
Dan was determined to be baptised, even though he was far from home.
Vanick resisted baptism until she had a dream that answered her prayers.
Albertina Sithole wanted to find the parts of the Bible that her father said were missing.  
When Edward M. Ngindu was first offered a Book of Mormon, he threw it back.  
Brother Pierre Kemle had been a pastor for 25 years before he met the missionaries.  
Jonah isn't the only person who tried to avoid the voice of God.  
Jordin-Jordin Kialanda encounters opposition to joining the Church.  
A Jewish boy wants to know why there are no prophets like Moses and Elijah on the earth.  
Sister Evelyn Jepkemei's journey from birthday party to baptism  
Lwazi Mchunu reads a book that is missing its cover.