Conversion Stories

A missionary on a bus gave away a copy of the Church News, which brought about a man's conversion
A sister tells how the talks in General Conference answered her questions
A picture of Jesus in a shop in Ladysmith, South Africa attracted the missionaries
As Kent began his Pathway studies, his example had his girlfriend wondering about the Church
Following Divine guidance brings great blessings
This video of a family in South Africa was shown between sessions of General Conference. They tell how they joined the Church
While serving a mission, he met the missionary who had taught him the gospel
She placed photos of her ancestors on her mantelpiece, knowing that somehow they would soon be of significance
A member sharing the gospel with this young man led to him serving a mission
The feelings, observations and convictions of Elizabeth Njeri Kang’ethe, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a journalist
Robert Dlamini was the first Swazi to accept the gospel
Elder Moyo finally accepted the gospel because his brother never gave up on him