Seashells and Sunbeams

Seashells and Sunbeams

Jessica stood at the window of the family’s holiday apartment in Uvongo, KwaZulu Natal South Coast holding her baby daughter, Carly. Down below her she could see the figures of her husband, Hyrum and their six year old daughter, Leah as they made their way along the seashore. Leah was skipping happily and laughing joyously as she stopped every so often to pick up seashells. As they made their way along the beach, Jessica could see how the dark, rainy clouds parted and warm rays of sunshine seemed to dance over their heads. Jessica felt humbled and grateful for a husband and daughter who had taught her a lesson on faith that morning.

The family had been on holiday for three days. For three days it had rained and they had not been able to get to the beach. Leah was disappointed and restless; she had been looking forward to playing on the beach and collecting seashells to take back to her school to show her teacher and friends.

“I have always admired the great faith my husband has in the Lord,” said Jessica, “but when he suggested we kneel down that morning and ask Heavenly Father to please allow Leah the opportunity to collect seashells on the beach, I must admit my faith was lacking. I looked out of the window at the heavy rain clouds and felt doubt.”

The Solomon family knelt in prayer and Leah heard her father explaining to the Lord that she really wanted to take some seashells back home with her and could she please have a chance to do that. When the family rose from their knees the weather still looked dark and rainy but Leah excitedly ran to collect her bucket. Without a trace of doubt in their hearts, Hyrum and Leah set out for the beach.

Later that morning they returned to the apartment with a bucket full of beautiful seashells and hearts full of gratitude, and strengthened faith. Hyrum and Leah had seen the clouds parting above their heads and felt the warm rays of the sun over them as they collected the corals along the beach that morning.

That rainy December morning, the Solomon family had gained more than a bucketful of shells. They had gained a testimony-building experience of eternal consequence.

Solomon Family