Pursuing my Dream

Pursuing my Dream
The Perpetual Education Fund program is a blessing available to all worthy, needy members of the church. When I learned about it I decided to participate. President Gordon B Hinckley has always taught us to educate our hands and our minds. I took up his counsel and applied for PEF.

I have always wanted to possess a Bachelor of Commerce degree in financial management. Due to circumstances beyond my control I struggled with a lot of challenges as I was trying to acquire funds to pursue my career. I felt frustrated and disappointed with not being able to do the one thing I am passionate about. It was therefore a great pleasure and delight to me to learn about PEF as it brought such needed relief.    

The application process was a bit of a challenge because of the series of processes that one has to go through mainly online but I was not discouraged. With the help of employees from the Church Service Centre I managed to go through each step of the application process without hiccups. Juggling work, family and studying was my biggest challenge after enrolling for my studies. I made up my mind there and then that I was going to work hard to achieve my dreams, and I constantly prayed for strength. I completed my studies and officially graduated. I obtained a B.Com in financial management Cum Laude. I completed my Honors degree, which I am excited about. Life is worth more to me than ever.

I know that Heavenly Father answered my prayers. Though I was faced with many challenges, I overcame them. PEF blessed me as I was able to pay for my studies, and it gave me the courage to start studying. I would advise everyone to pursue their dreams and be the best they can be. It’s never too late to study. Let us educate our minds and our hands.