Oh What Joy Filled My Heart

Oh What Joy Filled My Heart

I had been searching for a job for five years. In my search I thought it would be either a job or getting some capital to start a project. In 2011 I decided to look for stands for a fuel company called Redan. I was not successful. I had been promised commission during these years. I got the chance to meet the CEO of Redan, but never asked for a job opportunity. Finally in February 2015 I went to their head office with the intention of informing them of the available stands. The CEO noticed that I was there and asked what I was doing. I explained, but he took me to the Human Resource manager. 

After a few minutes we both left the HR office. As we left the office he jokingly asked what I was doing with the money I was making from the commission. I responded by telling him that I had no money in my pocket and that I needed a job. He immediately directed me back to the HR office for a job interview. He added that neither the security nor the receptionist should stop me. I went straight to the office and explained that I needed a job and that the CEO had directed me to her office. 

At first she did not like the idea that I had come through the CEO, but later told me that she was carrying out job interviews that same Tuesday at 16h00 hours. It was around 14h00. I needed to bring my resume which I did not have. I was 100km away from home where I could get proper clothes. Because I had been taught to have faith in our Saviour and also had completed the self-reliance lessons and My Path, I felt very much prepared, although my dress did not reflect that.

My Path

I went to the mission office for my resume. President Banda helped get the CV. Before I went for the interview I went to see Elder & Sister Diede and told them about it. I remember Sister Diede saying “We will pray for you.”  That gave me the courage to go for the interview. I went at 16h00 hours, but was not interviewed until around 16h45. I was told the following day that I had passed the interview. “Oh What Joy Filled My Heart.” Now I am working. I want to mention that when Heavenly Father introduces a program or an initiative He will see us through.

I am now the self-reliance specialist for the Bindura Zimbabwe District.