New Navigation

New Navigation

The phone rings on Saturday night. It’s your child’s Sunday School teacher asking you to be a last-minute substitute for his class. “You can find the lesson on,” he says before thanking you and hanging up. is easy to find, but now where do you look? has a new navigation menu, the latest of the Church’s continuing improvements to make its official website more personalized and easier to use.

Aware that any changes may be temporarily confusing for anyone who regularly uses the site, the Church has prepared instructional video tours to ease the transition. These will be found on the home page and linked from social media and other sources to help visitors learn about and navigate the new menu structure.

Why change at all?

Why change at all?

Studies by the Church show that members rely on to help them:

  • Become better followers of Jesus Christ.

  • Serve in their callings and assignments.

  • Feel inspiration and hope.

  • Find practical helps for life’s challenges.

  • Stay connected with the Church.

But users’ feedback over the past few years regarding has been clear: resources are difficult to find, and the navigation could be more intuitive.

That feedback reminds Jeff Isom, director of, of the scripture that says, “For there are many … who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it” (D&C 123:12).

“The goal of improving the website is to help visitors find and use the great resources available to them on the site,” he said.

To help members more easily find these resources, user researchers, information architects, designers, and developers combined years of user feedback with extensive research to create a more intuitive navigation menu. Testing shows the new navigation significantly improves the “findability” of content and resources (see table).

“We have incorporated user feedback to make changes in the areas we hope will bring the greatest improvement for the most people,” said Brother Isom. “While we are confident that the new menu structure is a significant step forward, we’ll continue to listen, learn, and adjust,” he said.

Brother Isom invites Church members to take the time to explore the new menus on “Look for resources you commonly use,” he said, “then take a detour to discover something new. You might also consider sharing something that might be of value to someone else.”

What will be different?

What will be different?

Upcoming changes to include new menu options, improved My Account and Ward options, and a few new sub-pages with additional helpful resources.