My Surprise Tithing Blessing

My Surprise Tithing Blessing

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints in the Benoni stake in South Africa. I am a single mother of 3 boys and we all live in a shack which we rent for R600 a month. I work as a domestic worker on a part-time basis and I also receive a government grant. Those are the only two sources of income keeping me and my children going.

With a meagre income like that, tithing always seemed to me to be an expense only for people who can afford it. But with the help of the missionaries, who helped me to understand that obedience to the law of tithing not only brings spiritual blessings but also temporal blessings, I committed myself to paying tithing.


When I paid tithing for the third time since my commitment, I experienced the following blessing.

It was a Saturday and we were expected to be at the stake centre in Rynfield to watch General Conference. With me I had my tithing which was already in the envelope and ready to be handed over to the Bishop. After giving it to him I knew how much money I was left with. But back at home after the conference, I was shocked to find out that my money was as if I had never paid tithing. 

At that time my mind led me to think that I had given the Bishop an empty envelope. So the following day, which was a Sunday, without making my real intentions known, I asked the Bishop to hand back the envelope which he did to my relief. All I said to him was that I just wanted to add some information on the tithing slip. After handing it back to me I quickly found a secluded spot where I could open it, and to my surprise, the money was in the envelope.  At that moment my eyes were filled with tears and asked my Heavenly Father for forgiveness for having doubted Him.   


Since then I have never missed a month of paying tithing. And one more thing that I have realised is that it brings me happiness, and keeps away thoughts that remind me of being disobedient to this law, which caused me a lot of stress.  With the help of God and having such limited resources at my disposal, I still manage to get by with my boys.

Even though this experience does not repeat itself with each tithing payment I make, one thing is guaranteed, and that is that I always feel happiness in my heart after paying it. I thank Heavenly Father for the peace I now have.