My Lost Wallet

My Lost Wallet

Very early in the morning as I was going to the Missionary Training Center where I work as a teacher, I lost my wallet in the taxi. After I got out of the taxi and crossed the road in front of the MTC, I realised that I had lost my wallet. Inside the wallet were my two bank cards, my Social Security card, my temple recommend, my patriarchal blessing, and my yellow tithing receipts for this year, some money, some contacts cards and other papers. I quickly took another taxi to the station hoping that I could find the car that had picked me up. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

I was terrified and stayed there for a long time. Then a thought came into my mind: Go back to work, and do the Lord’s work, and He will take care of the temporal. I left the station, and went back to MTC. In the afternoon, I decided to go to the temple specially to pray about my wallet.

When I arrived at the temple, I remembered I did not have my temple recommend, but I explained my situation and they organised matters with the temple president. I went on an endowment session, and I prayed sincerely to my Heavenly Father to help me find my lost wallet.

The following day, in the afternoon, I received a call from the driver who had picked me up in his taxi.  He said he had called me more than 7 times. He asked if I was the one who lost my wallet. I said yes. He asked if I could come and pick up my wallet today or wait until tomorrow. I said I would come right away. He gave me the wallet with everything inside, even the money. I was astonished. I told him that I was very happy and I wanted to reward him for what he had done for me. He said he would not take anything and that it was a service he had done. 

After a moment of silence, I asked him how he got my phone number. He said he had called all the numbers in the wallet but no one could help him. Then, he decided to unfold all the papers in the wallet and he came across to a money transaction I’d made in January, months ago. He saw my phone number and called me. Then I remembered that after I had made that transaction, I was going to put the receipt in my bag as usual, but something told me to put it in my wallet instead.

From this particular experience I’ve learned two things. First, when we pray sincerely with faith and real intent in the temple, God listens to our prayers and responds to them. Second, following the promptings of the Holy Ghost is a true blessing in our life.

When I got back to work, I knelt down and thanked my God for answering my prayer. It was a miracle from God. I felt His love in my life. My testimony and my faith in Him and His Son, Jesus Christ have increased.

When I was with the driver, I thought about what I could do for him as a reward. Then, I told him about the missionaries and I talked about the Church and my work as teacher at the MTC, teaching and training the missionaries. I told him that I would give his number to the missionaries in his area and they would call him to make an appointment and teach him about the restored gospel. He accepted this. 

I think this is the best thing I could do for the soul of this driver, whose name is Jeremiah.  It makes me very happy to know God wants to give him this opportunity to accept the restored gospel through his wonderful act of service he gave.