My Continuing Self-Reliance Journey

My Continuing Self-Reliance Journey

Gugu from the Umlazi BB Ward, Durban Stake, a family history consultant and Primary teacher, is a wonderful example of the growing success of the new Self-Reliance Initiative.  When asked what she had learnt most from the business course she referred to the second principle in My Foundation - to “Manage Time Wisely”.  “The course has helped me to focus on priorities which will lead me to greater self-reliance for my family.”  Gugu is a single parent with 3 children, including the 9 year old twins of her sister who passed away at the age of 22 when her twins were just 4 years old. 

Gugu said, “They are my ‘Why’ for seeking to become self-reliant.  Becoming self-reliant will help me magnify my callings. I’m not yet fully self-reliant but am getting closer all the time. Attending The Business Group has opened doors to greater opportunities for me. It has changed me into a different person with a wider perspective of my potential.  I am patiently trying to live the principles, skills and habits that are taught on the course.  I can feel that they are a true guide to achieving both my spiritual and temporal blessings that have been promised to me by the Lord.

“When I completed the Business Group course my plan was to start a kids party planning business. I need to raise funds for the business as it requires a lot of equipment.  I have organised two parties already but it has proved difficult to continue at the moment because I have to spend money to hire most of the equipment, which is expensive.

“I love and try to live all the principles; the one I struggled with most is using time wisely.  I have not been perfect with my time management but it is improving.  This principle has taught me a lot, and also reporting to Heavenly Father each day gives me the confidence to press on. While I was on the course I took the opportunity to get involved in an e-commerce business. I later started a further two similar businesses. These will offer me greater self-reliance opportunities.  I am a long term Insurance Broker, so the new insurance related products are familiar to me and I enjoy this work.

“My long-term goal is to pursue the kid’s party business. When I have raised enough money from the e-commerce businesses I will purchase the equipment I need to take my original business idea forward.  I feel confident that I will be able to accomplish this.

“I encourage those who have not joined one of the Self-Reliance groups yet to do so right away.  It really brings greater hope, peace and progress. My path to self-reliance has taught me skills on how to manage a business professionally and profitably.  My horizons have expanded and I have changed my perspective on what I can accomplish with the Lord as my business partner. I know that this is the Lord’s work and that our prophet truly does receive revelations from Heavenly Father.” 

With four businesses at various stages of development, Gugu is very happy that she has learned how to manage time wisely.