Madagascar Information

Madagascar Information
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  • First Church Presence in Madagascar:  1993
  • First branch organized: 1990
  • Church officially recognized : 1993
  • Madagascar Antananarivo Mission organized: 1998
  • Current church members: 10,322
  • Current number of stakes: 2
  • Current number of congregations: 38


1988:  The first person to join the church in Madagascar was Razanapanala Ramianadrisoa.

1990:  The Antananarivo Congregation was organised 23 September 1990 with Ramianadrisoa as president.

1993:  Elder Richard P. Lindsay of the Second Quorum of Seventy and Africa Area President became the first General Authority of the Church to visit Madagascar.  He presented the prime minister, Victor Ramahatra, with a copy of the Book of Mormon.

1993: The Church received legal status on 13 July.

1995:  The first missionary called from Madagascar, Rondro Razafiarison, went to South Africa Johannesburg from 1995-1997.

1998:  The Madagascar Antananarivo Mission was created.

1999:  The first meetinghouse in Madagascar was dedicated in Antananarivo on 9 May 1999.

2000:  The Malagasy translation of the Book of Mormon is published. A Malagasy issue of the international magazine, Liahona, first appeared in April.

2002:  The Antananarivo Madagascar Stake was created.