#LIGHTtheWORLD in the Africa Southeast Area: Week One

#LIGHTtheWORLD in the Africa Southeast Area: Week One

Members around South Africa have taken to the heart the injunction to #LIGHTtheWORLD in the lead-up to Christmas. Some of them share their experiences from the first week.

Sister Nyameka Dzapata from Johannesburg shares how she has been Lighting the World with Christlike activities at her workplace right from the very first day of the challenge. “Day #1, I updated my Facebook status, that Jesus lightened others’ burdens, and that I could do the same,” says Sister Dzapata. She prepared a lunch tin for one of her team members at work who always seems to feel left out.

On the second day of the challenge, she phoned her Mum and was able to honour her by not arguing when they disagreed on something. “I usually phone her in the morning, but unfortunately she was busy. She then phoned me back a bit later, but she wasn’t in a good space. I tried to be kind to her although sometimes it is not easy to show kindness, especially to our parents whom we usually underappreciate,” says Nyameka.

Kerry Anne Beldon from Centurion and her family went to a visit a family member who had just had a baby in hospital on Day #1. “It was the craziest day for me, but being there with her and her little family made the day much better,” says Kerry. “Afterwards, my son Samuel and I went to buy toiletries for Irene Homes Centre for Handicapped Ladies. It was a special day, and my two-year old felt it too”, says Kerry.

For day #2, Kerry, along with Samuel, visited her Granny and took her shopping. “She is a wonderful, kind lady who loves everyone around her, and I am grateful that she brought my Mum into this world because my Mum is the perfect example of Christlike love, and I love her with all my heart.”

For Madison Erasmus, nothing could make her happier than to know and see that someone’s day had been made a little brighter after reading a small note that she placed on their seats as a gesture of love and kindness on Day #3. “At first they were a little confused to find the notes. But their faces soon lit up as they read the message on the note. I know that my Father in Heaven loves all of His children and I am glad I was able to show them how much they mean to Him”, says Madison.
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Baili Chazen shares a touching incident in which she lit the heart of a car guard through sharing her testimony and a #LIGHTtheWORLD pass along card. “Do you want to be together with your family forever?” Baili asked the car guard whose countenance changed as he quietly got out a “Yes”. Then she bore his testimony of what she knew to be true, which led the car guard to wish to find out the truth for himself. “I am so grateful I got to speak to him and literally see his eyes, and more importantly, his heart open,” says Baili.

Because charity begins at home, Day #1 for Beatrice Ncube from Johannesburg, kicked in with service to her family. She made breakfast in bed for her daughter. “I felt so good, not that I had not done it before, but because of the realisation of the smile on her face that said, ‘Mum, thank you for your love,’” says Beatrice. At the temple, Beatrice noticed a woman struggling to remove her socks due to her fleshy figure. Without waiting to be asked to help, she rushed over to her, knelt down and removed her socks from off her feet. The woman smiled with gratitude and said: “Thank you very much, sweetheart”.

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On Day #2, Beatrice called her Mum, and expressed her love for her, and how grateful she is that she is still alive. Her mum was thrilled. “Oh Zibulo lami, Ndodakazi yami (I am so happy that you called),” she said.  Later in the day, she went to town to buy her mother a nice new pair of shoes. On day #3, Beatrice told a post office worker that she loves him because he is kind. “The guy looked very surprised, but beamed with a smile,” says Beatrice.

Kyle Zeeman from Johannesburg does not always attend Church in his home ward due to Church assignments and other commitments. The #LIGHTtheWORLD theme for Day #4 actually afforded him the opportunity to do so as he also offered his services for the sacrament and actively participated in class as well as helped counsel in meetings. “I knew that my Father in Heaven was pleased with my service. It made me happy,” says Kyle.

– Additional reporting by Kyle Zeeman 

– Additional reporting by Kyle Zeeman