#LightTheWorld: Sharing food and the Saviour’s love in Uganda

Mormon members in Ntinda Ward in Uganda sharing food parcels with villagers

The culture of Santa is very uncommon or rather unheard of in our African society; we only get to see this on movies. We sat as friends and decided to participate in the 2016 Christmas initiative. We then each contributed some little money and also got donations of food items from friends and family. We bought food and made 100 packs. These included sugar, flour, soap, salt, candy and many other items and then drove to a nearby village which had people who really needed food. 

Ntinda Ward members in Uganda

One of us dressed like Santa and we surprised the villagers with these Christmas gifts, the expression they had on their faces was unbelievable – they were very happy and thankful. 

Ntinda Ward members sharing food parcels in Uganda
Ntinda Ward members sharing food parcels with children in Uganda
LDS Ntinda Ward members sharing food with a local woman in Uganda

But we were the ones who really benefited the most!  We felt joy that at least we had fed the hungry just as the Saviour did. We left the village with our hearts filled with joy and we are grateful for the experience!  We are hoping to do the same thing again this year and so touch the lives of the people around us.

Mormon members from Ntinda Ward in Uganda celebrating Christmas in a local village through service
Sharing food parcels in Uganda to share the Saviour's love at Christmas