Ideas for Sabbath Activities

Ideas for Sabbath Activities

What can I do on Sunday? We’ve got 3 hours in the day accounted for, but what about the other 15? As Elder Holland said, “We are to enter into the Lord’s rest on the Sabbath, but that is very different from being a massive couch potato for 24 hours.”

Read the Africa Southeast Area website – there are messages from Area Leaders, and inspiring stories.

Research a gospel question or word using only the scriptures.

Record your testimony and share it with three people.

Write thank you notes to the people who spoke at Church.

Memorize a Church hymn.

Start a personal or family blog.

Prepare family names for the temple.

Pray like Enos: “I did pour out my whole soul unto God” (Enos 1:9).

Interview family members and share their stories at

Remember birthdays for the upcoming week with a phone call or card.

Prepare home or visiting teaching messages for the month.

Study next week’s lessons.

Write three “thinking of you” notes.

Watch one Bible Video every week and record your feelings and thoughts in a journal dedicated to learning about the life of Jesus Christ.

Read a Church magazine from cover to cover.

Practise articulating your answers to commonly asked questions about the Church.

Submit an inspiring story to the Area website.

Read the “Gospel Classic” talks on

Memorize the Articles of Faith.

Make phone calls to loved ones to let them know you're thinking of them.

Prepare a talk—just in case.

Set goals for developing the Christlike attributes you want to manifest.

Find a month’s worth of inspiring quotes, and text them to friends and family every day for 30 days.

Listen to music or a podcast on the Mormon Channel.

Learn the 12 principles and habits of self-reliance.

Answer one personal history question each week for one year.

Create a family letter and email it to extended family members.

Study your patriarchal blessing.