With God, All Things Are Possible

With God, All Things Are Possible

There are times in most members' lives when they feel their assignments in the Church are just too difficult to manage. Whether their limitations are physical, mental, or emotional, they think God has required too much of them. Brother Lindani Talent Ndlovu can serve as a good example to each of us when we begin to feel nervous about our responsibilities in the Church.

Brother Ndlovu was born in South Africa-Durban on 16 July 1990.There were complications during his birth that led to him developing cerebral palsy, and he could not walk until he was three, and then only  with the aid of a metal walker .

On 24 January 2002 his mother died, leaving him and his thirteen-month-old baby sister behind. Lindani felt hurt and confused and had a lot of unanswered questions. Those questions were answered, however, when the aunt who cared for him and his sister after their mother's death invited him to church. He got baptized on Christmas day of that same year, and he never looked back.

Lindani wanted to serve a mission, but he was afraid his disabilities might prevent that service. Rather than let discouragement stop him, he prayed for inspiration about his desires. Soon his prayers were answered, and he was given permission to submit his mission application. 

On 19 July 2011, after waiting for seven weeks, h e received his mission call  to serve in the Johannesburg Mission, and he arrived at the Johannesburg Missionary Training Center on 13 October 2011.

Lindani still suffered from epilepsy and had some speech problems. In fact, there were times on his mission when people would call and ask to speak to his companions because they could not understand his speech. 

“My hands did not function properly, and my companions always had to help me partake of the sacrament,” Lindani recalls.

However, despite his challenges, Brother Ndlovu finished his mission 1 October 2013.  “I was able to serve a full two years and received an honorable release,” said Brother Ndlovu.


As with Brother Ndlovu, Heavenly Father will sustain and support us when we are willing to serve Him. All we have to do is have willing hands and contrite hearts, and He will bless us to accomplish whatever He asks of us.