Her Daughter's Ear Was Healed

Her Daughter's Ear Was Healed
I was born in Zimbabwe and was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in South Africa in 2010 with my husband and daughter. Heavenly Father knows our needs and wants, and He has plans in mind for us. A few years ago when we were back home in Zimbabwe we discovered that our daughter had hearing problems.  We didn’t know the cause, and what made the situation worse was that little help was given from the hospitals. We accepted that her situation was part of her life.
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We were advised to bring her to South Africa for help but we didn’t have the means. It was devastating to us as we realised not only was her hearing lost, but it was also painful for her.  In 2008 we moved to South Africa and we were ecstatic that our dream of getting her help had come true. She immediately started the process. The years that followed were a series of one surgery after another. They discovered that the ear had developed a growth between the ear bones, so they performed surgery to remove the growth, which was successful. The growth was now gone but the hearing was lost permanently.

A few weeks after the surgery, in a bid to check if the ear was healing well, it was devastating to discover not only that she had a serious infection, but the infection had spread to the other ear and there was something growing again. We were faced with a situation in which we feared the worst...would she be deaf? An operation was scheduled to be performed in a month's time. We prayed and fasted, seeking God's counsel. She received a priesthood blessing. All we could do was trust in the Lord. When the operation was due, we went to the hospital a day before for admission. When we got there they wouldn't admit her as her visa had expired. I tried to explain, but that was the rule ... did they understand the predicament we were in?

I kept on asking these questions but they could only admit her with her expired visa if it was an emergency. I tried to explain that one ear had lost its hearing and that the functioning ear was being infected. We spent more than 8 hours being referred from one department to another until we had exhausted all our pleas. A moment came as I sat down with sadness in my heart when I heard the still small voice instructing me to visit the doctor who had seen her previously. She listened to our story and explained that a surgery would be done if we were to provide the ward admission unit with a scan to prove that it was an emergency.

We were sent to the radiology department for a scan. To my amazement, there was absolutely nothing in either ear. They repeated the process, but still there was no growth developing in the left ear and more surprisingly, the right ear had healed perfectly. It was a miracle! I later understood why it was so difficult to be admitted. Heavenly Father had His way of showing His hand. He wants us to test His promises. He healed our daughter. It has been a year since then and she has never complained, and she hears perfectly well with the left ear which was healed by our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.