Harare, Zimbabwe Report

Harare, Zimbabwe Report

The projects were comprised of repainting the Harare City Council Town House and its perimeter fence; landscaping of the Town House’s surroundings; general cleaning around the Town House, the centenary bridge and Copacabana bus terminus located in the Harare central business district (CBD). More than 150 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from Harare and Harare South Stakes participated in various stages of the projects and donated approximately 8,000 hours of service.

Minister Chombo expressed his heart-felt gratitude for the great work done by members of the Church, commending them for their good acts of service. He said, “We thank the Church for its generosity, as well as the companies who donated paint and other accessories used in the project.”  He was especially grateful for the involvement of women and youths and promised to be available in any development projects that help drive Zimbabwe forward. “I am told women and youths joined the men in the work that we see today. Government commends the involvement and participation of women and youths in development projects. The Church should be congratulated for championing the participation.”
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Speaking at the same occasion, President Philip Mathemera of Harare South Stake gave a brief background of Mormon Helping Hands program, its purpose and benefits, while President Albert Mutariswa of Harare Stake conducted the proceedings. The theme of this year’s Mormon Helping Hands activities was, “Hand-in-Hand with Local Government.' President Mutariswa remarked, 'We express our appreciation to all those who heeded the call to serve our community.'

Harare Deputy Mayor, Councilor Nyemba, and Harare Acting Town Clerk, Engineer Chisango, both expressed their gratitude for the Saints’ efforts to spruce up the image of Harare Town House.  “The walls of the Town House are beginning to shine, courtesy of the Church,” said the Deputy Mayor.
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The handover ceremony was graced with melodies from the Church’s choir and a song from the City of Harare’s Ambassador, Dereck Mpofu, who sang a song entitled, “My City, My Pride”, much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

 “My City, My Pride”,

ZBC TV provided media coverage of the event, airing the news piece the morning of November 4th. Click here http://www.zbc.co.zw/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=49444:facelift-historical-buildings&catid=36:local-news&Itemid=65 to view story.

Mormon Helping Hands brings together members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their neighbours to provide community service. The program reflects the desire of Mormons to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Mormon Helping Hands volunteers also partner with government and non-profit organizations to support and improve communities where they live. It was first launched in Africa in 2007 and has become an ever-expanding annual service phenomena. In August of this year across Africa, over 350 projects were completed in over 25 countries, with a total of in excess of 120,000 man-hours.