Family Activities for the Sabbath

Family Activities for the Sabbath

Asking “What can I do on Sunday to strengthen my faith?” helps me recall the many good spiritual intentions I have but don’t always follow through with. Things like reading my patriarchal blessing, dropping by Sister Ward’s house to see how she is doing, and writing in the journal I started at the beginning of the year. Knowing that I have a day I can dedicate to these things actually helps me cut myself some slack for not getting to them during the week. Like Elder Holland said: “For six days in the week we may find ourselves unfortunately pretty occupied with ourselves. The Sabbath helps us turn to the Lord, to our families, to those in need.” Leave it to Elder Holland to make me feel better about myself!

Family Activities

Family Activities

1. Have family scripture study.

2. Study Preach My Gospel and role-play missionary conversations.

3. Read a General Conference talk and lead a discussion at dinner.

4. Plan a family service project.

5. Have a story swop, with each member of the family sharing a story from Church History.

6. Memorize “The Living Christ” and recite it as a family.

7. Identify all the temples on a world map using pins or markers.

8. Create a YouTube video on the importance of families.

9. Invite a family in the ward you would like to know better to your home for a family fireside.

10. Have each member of the family take turns reporting on a General Authority, prophet, Bishop, or other Church leader.

11. Have a family object lesson contest. Pick one or two items around the house and have everyone come up with a story about how that item can illustrate a gospel principle.

12. Create a family motto.

13. Have a family council.

14. Welcome new families into your neighbourhood.

15. Hold a family testimony meeting.

16. Create and frame an “I’m Grateful For …” list or poster.

17. Write a giant letter to the missionaries from your ward on a large piece of paper.

18. Have a Book of Mormon read-a-thon.

19. Feature family members in a “Why I Love You” spotlight.

20. Study and spotlight an ancestor.

21. Look through family photo albums.

23. Make up a gospel-themed game.

24. Take a Sunday walk.

25. Invite elderly members of your ward to a family talent show.

26. Read the Africa Southeast Area website – there are messages from Area Leaders, and inspiring stories from the members, as well as Local Temple StoriesLocal Family History StoriesLocal Church History Stories and Local Missionary Stories