Completely Healed

Completely Healed

Many years ago Udell Poulsen, an American, was living in Cape Town with his family. After some time, he was called to serve as the President of the Mowbray Branch. One evening, when there was an activity at the chapel, we received word that he had been involved in a serious accident.

He had been travelling long distance by car on a business trip, and as it was night time and he was tired, he had fallen asleep at the wheel and had driven under a truck in front of him. He had been taken to a small country hospital and his wife had been informed that he had only hours left to live. Most of the bones in his body were broken and he had severe head injuries. His wife asked Keith Hubert to go to that distant hospital and administer to her husband who lay at death’s doorstep.

Keith rushed to the hospital in the hope that he would arrive before the president died. He got there in time and blessed our Branch President that he would live and be completely healed. The members of the branch fasted for their president and good friend. President Poulsen needed many operations and had steel plates implanted in several places in his body. Eventually he made a full recovery, and later returned to the USA. Years later he was called to serve as the Mission President in Finland. After that he worked as the business manager for the Tabernacle Choir.

The Lord preserves those whom He knows are willing to serve Him. He had a plan in mind for Udell and his family – to serve a mission. Their faith had been tested. They had trusted in the Lord despite what seemed like certain tragedy. They stood strong in their trials and were able to continue to serve the Lord.

Excerpted by Collette Burgoyne from Dimensions of Life, an African Journal by Rex Lowe