Building the Kingdom in Their Home Country

Building the Kingdom in Their Home Country
In 1992, Christopher B. Mugimu, an educator who ran an academy in Mukono, Uganda, passed a Latter-day Saint meetinghouse and began investigating the Church. After the second discussion, he knew what he should do. “It seems I found a good Church,” he told the missionaries. He was baptized; a month later, his wife, Susan, was also baptised.
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To attend Church meetings, the couple put their children on their backs and set out walking at 6am from their home in Mukono to Kampala, Uganda. They would then take a taxi into town and walk to Church. The entire process took three hours. “It was miraculous,” Brother Mugimu said. “Every Sunday we had the money for travel. We did that for almost six months.”

Soon the sacrifices they had made brought blessings, not only to their family, but to the whole community: the Church formed a branch in Mukono. Brother Mugimu was made the Branch President and his wife the Relief Society president. Soon he was serving as the Kampala Uganda District President.  After some time had passed, Christopher Mugimu, with his family, travelled overseas, where he became one of the first people in his country to earn a Doctorate in Education.

Once he had graduated, knowing that they had gone overseas with a single purpose, that is, to gain an education that would help them build the Church and the community in Uganda, he and his family returned home. In Uganda, the family opened a bakery and a school, and Brother Mugimu worked as a lecturer at a local university.

“Our Heavenly Father wanted us to go [back to Uganda],” said Brother Mugimu. “Nobody is going to come and make our countries better. It takes people like me to go back and share the knowledge we gained in other countries. Also, it adds strength to the Church.” Now he and his family are building the kingdom and their community in their home country.